John HamerThe Open Day at Blackhorse Apiaries had a slightly different twist this year.  To celebrate his 80th year, John decided to go the whole hog and instead of his usual amazing BBQ he gave us a rather delicious pig roast. Sally-Anne and helpers once again came up trumps with the salads and desserts.

Following the fire earlier in the week in the teaching/accommodation block, there was a restricted area the visitors could visit. This did not stop the many people who came to see John in the apiary; those of us who trained with John and those that want to take up bee keeping in the future.John Hamer Open Day

The atmosphere although slightly subdued was positive, John has lots of plans to regenerate, to quote one of his team, “out of the ashes”.  It was lovely to see and hear all the help being offered to John.

The weather was extremely kind although slightly humid, the bees thought they would join in the teaching and demonstrated a swarm which kept the children entertained for a while.  John demonstrated a hive inspection and the finer points of keeping bees in a skep. It was lovely to see the small visitors so confident around the bees.

Lou Major