Committee members of the Guildford Beekeepers Association are always happy to answer queries so please do contact us for help or advice about beekeeping. To contact any Committee Member, please use the email address listed below.

If you think you have a swarm of bees, or your query is about swarms, please contact one of our members on the swarm collectors list who will be able to help you.

If it is help with Bumblebees, our Swarm Collectors may be able to give advice, but do not collect or destroy Bumblebee nests. For further help with Bumblebees, we suggest that you contact Bumblebee Conservation Trust for advice.

Jonathan Brookhouse

Chairman [email protected]

Stephen Cotney

Gardens for Bees [email protected]

Susan Kimber

Leader - Team Apiary [email protected]

David Bennett

Membership Secretary [email protected]

Malcolm Clarke

Mentoring Team Lead [email protected]

Pauline Lane

Secretary/Talks [email protected]

Mel Robertson

Training [email protected]

Helen Boughton

Treasurer [email protected]

Gregory Reeve

Webmaster [email protected]