We aim to promote the craft of beekeeping and to raise awareness about the economic and environmental importance of bees and biodiversity in Surrey.

We also aim to support a sustainable future for beekeeping and recognise that this must include the viability of diverse habitats for all other pollinators, insects and nature as a whole.

We do this by teaching potential beekeepers how to be responsible, capable beekeepers that can manage their own hives with confidence. We encourage new and established beekeepers to be more aware about the importance of conservation and balanced ecosystems in our rapidly changing environment. Where possible, we encourage collaborative working with other like-minded conservation organisations.

Guildford Beekeepers Association (GBKA) was founded in 1920 and is one of eight divisions of Surrey Beekeepers Association, (SBKA) which was founded in 1879.

SBKA is a registered charity (no. 1026386) and is an Area Association member of the British Beekeepers’ Association, (BBKA) also a registered charity. Guildford BKA members are thus automatically members of BBKA.

GBKA is run by a group of volunteers and has approximately 200 members.

The membership area encompasses approximately 10 km around Guildford and stretches to Woking, Horsley, Cranleigh and Godalming. Many of our members are veterans and collectively, have accumulated many years of valuable, practical experience about these fascinating insects which is shared freely with our newer members.

All beekeepers aim to provide the optimum conditions to keep their bees healthy and in peak condition so that they can perform their natural purpose of pollinating plants and provide a surplus of valuable honey each year. GBKA helps its members do that by providing up to date information and links to the latest research into Honeybee husbandry.

This is done via a monthly Newsletter, practical meetings at the Association Apiary, Garden Meetings at Members’ own apiaries and talks and lectures held at venues around the Guildford Division area.

GBKA also holds both Theory Courses (during the winter months, usually starting in January) and Practical Courses from spring into summer.

All new beekeepers who have taken our courses have the support of other members of the Guildford Division whom they can call at any time for help and advice or maybe just a chat over the phone about a problem.

We also encourage members to work through the BBKA examinations so that they can advance their beekeeping.

The Committee are always available by phone or e-mail.

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