Upcoming Apiary Sessions

30/12/2023 General Apiary Session
06/01/2024 Beginners’ Theory Course Session 1
13/01/2024 General Apiary Session plus Asian Hornet Track & Trace – Jonathan Brookhouse
27/01/2024 General Apiary Session
10/02/2024 General Apiary Session plus Swarm Control – Demaree and Snelgrove methods
24/02/2024 General Apiary Session / Beginners’ Theory Course Session 8
02/03/2024 Beginners’ Theory Course Session 9
09/03/2024 General Apiary Session
16/03/2024 General Apiary Session plus ‘Sweets for My Sweet, Sugar for My Honey’ – Ali Pilkington
23/03/2024 General Apiary Session

Upcoming BBKA Courses

Honey Bee Health: Train the Trainer Course – Saturday 10th August 2024

The Honey Bee Health Certificate is a practical qualification which makes a major contribution to improving beekeeper practice.

This one day course is for BBKA members who are experienced beekeepers wishing to run a Honey Bee Health course locally. Participants should have passed the Honey Bee Health certificate themselves. The emphasis in the session will be on recent and relevant content and how to meet the needs of a variety of beekeepers you encounter locally.

Participants will leave with the resources necessary to run a Honey Bee Health course which can be adapted to their own situation. Participants who deliver a HBH training in their own association during 2025 will have their course fee refunded.

Cost: £35

Queen Rearing – Saturday 15th June 2024

This one day course is for BBKA members who are improver or experienced beekeepers. The course is suitable for those who have learnt the basics of colony management and want to learn more about queen rearing. The course will seek to equip the beekeeper with the knowledge and skills to raise sufficient queens for their own colonies and potentially improve their own stock, possibly having surplus queens to share with others in a small breeding group.

The course will cover queen marking, queen cell selection, selecting breeding material, setting up cell raising colonies and the set up and management of nuclei and mininucs for mating queens. It will also cover queen introduction and different simple methods of producing your own good queens.

Cost £75


For more information and to book places, please visit the shop on the BBKA website: https://www.bbka.org.uk/pages/shop/department/training-courses



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